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Fact File: Oliver Cromwell

Find out more about Oliver Cromwell.

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Oliver Cromwell

  • Born: 25 April 1599
  • Died: 03 September 1658
  • Roundhead of Cavalier? Roundhead

Role in the Civil War

Oliver Cromwell was a Puritan MP who went on to lead the Parliamentarian forces against King Charles I in the British Civil Wars. Despite having no military experience, Cromwell became known for his success in battle. He is also known for being in charge of the cavalry of the New Model Army.

The creation of this army is considered a turning point in the Civil War, as it provided the Parliamentarians with a disciplined and skilled army which enabled them to defeat the Royalists.

After the Civil War Cromwell’s power grew – he was one of the radical MPs that put Charles I on trial for treason, leading to the King’s execution in 1649. In 1653 Cromwell became Lord Protector (ruler) of England, Scotland and Ireland. When he died in 1658, he passed on this role to his son Richard.

Did you know?

Oliver Cromwell is descended from Thomas Cromwell, who was chief advisor to King Henry VIII.

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