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Fact File: Prince Rupert

Find out more about Prince Rupert.

British Civil Wars > Key People > Fact File: Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert

  • Born: 17 December 1619
  • Died: 29 November 1682
  • Roundhead or Cavalier? Cavalier

Role in the Civil War

Prince Rupert was King Charles I’s nephew and during the British Civil Wars was given command of the Cavalry. Having fought in the Thirty Years War 1618-1648 (a series of wars fought in Europe) Prince Rupert was an experienced soldier. As a Royalist commander, Prince Rupert was heralded for his tactical genius and his many victories against Parliamentary forces.

Did you know?

Prince Rupert had a dog named Boye who famously accompanied him into battle. Many believed Boye was possessed by the devil.

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